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Posted by mychemicalcrack on 2006.07.16 at 19:42


♪    ♪    ♫    ♪
silhouettes1 at 2006-07-17 05:27 (UTC) (Link)
You make me giggle, thus, i adore you already!

*runs off to add you back*
mychemicalcrack at 2006-07-17 05:31 (UTC) (Link)
I adore YOU already!

I love it when people scamper off to do things. It's wonderful. But it still doesn't explain why I don't like squirrels. They scamper....I SHOULD like them...but I really just don't. ::shrugs::

But I like you, so screw the bushy tailed rodents. Although I do like rats. How about you, do you like rats?
♪    ♪    ♫    ♪
silhouettes1 at 2006-07-17 05:33 (UTC) (Link)
i used to have TWO rats, Gabriel and Gideon. But it tuyrned out that i was severly allergic to them (the point of braking out in hives wherever they touched my skin) and I had to get rid of them. I think I'm allergic to all rodents.

Squirrels freak me out because of the way they eat.. the nibble nibble then keep it in their cheeks and it's freaky..one of my best friends eats like that too. He freaks me out as well.
mychemicalcrack at 2006-07-17 05:36 (UTC) (Link)
Aw...I used to have two rats too! Ben and Socrates. They were sweet. Ooh, that sounds like a horrible allergy. :(

YES. The way they eat...and my dad was attacked by one, so I guess that's part of it....your friend sounds...ahem, interesting, haha. Wow, he's talented.

Do you mind if I ever IM you or anything?
♪    ♪    ♫    ♪
silhouettes1 at 2006-07-17 05:40 (UTC) (Link)
He likes to think he is talented.. LOL.. he's a good guy.. really.. lol..

Feel free to IM me if you'd like. Often it shows that I'm away when I'm really just sitting there doing stuff. (my SN is in my info)
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