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Love is love: deal with it

stfu_homophobes: Fucking with homophobic heads since 2005

Homophobia Is Gay
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Marriage is love.

Bisexuality is Real.

Basically, this site is for ranting and bitching about BIGOTS: ie homophobic bastards who think it's fun to hurt other people by telling them their lifestyle is wrong (and throw in a few Bible quotes to back up their flawed argument).

Well, we all know that's bullshit. Love is love. Jesus said so!

I created this comm because I'm sick of God-squad arseholes spamming my favourite slash boards. So what if we like gay love stories? You got a problem, you be sleepin' wit da fishes, kapish?

So here is where you post examples of homophobia/prejudice/bigotry you've encountered. Also nice slashy love stories, pictures, poetry etc (I'll be digging out my Oscar Wilde, methinks) are much appreciated. :D

As a sideline, I am straight, but I've experienced prejudice in a variety of forms and I'm fucking sick of it. It doesn't matter why it happens, the point is, harassing people about their lifestyles is WRONG!

Let people live their lives and be happy, please! They're not hurting anyone -- but you are.

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Boys Kissing is Sex Love

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Zui Says, Its OKAY To
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