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Posted by luluthetomato on 2006.03.28 at 20:33
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I really REALLY hate how people think OH you can easily change your sexuality.

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Mick straightedge

Just another closed-minded person...

Posted by anyatluny on 2006.03.20 at 18:14
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I found this when I was reading my friend voodoobasstard's journal.  It's apparently from some "religious nut" as he put it.

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She says that this is not a show of hate, but a show of art and love; but when you're calling someone trash and a freak isn't that hate?  Do you call everyone you love a freak or a piece of trash?  I think not, unless you have a twisted sense of love.  It just amazes me that there are actually people this extreme out there and it disgusts me because we are all human beings and should treat each othere like humans not "trash".


X-posted complaining.

Posted by jollityfarm on 2006.03.11 at 21:42
I read some random entry in a conservative blog about gay marriage, and apparently, allowing people to marry the opposite-sex person of their choice constitutes perfect equality, whether one is gay or straight ("a man is free to marry a woman and a woman is free to marry a man"). I hate it when I see something like that, and I want to react but all I can think to say is "NNNAAAAAAARRRGH!" Which is hardly any sort of argument at all, really.

I take small comfort from the fact that the entry was over a year old, and we now have gay marriage (okay, civil partnerships) in this country anyway. So STFU, stupid blog-type person.

*hums wedding march tune*

best word ever
Posted by dandylyon_05 on 2006.03.09 at 14:48
So...somebody suggested this community to me in the icon community...and icons ready go...

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Talbona Xy

First Post

Posted by xylen on 2006.03.08 at 01:14
Greetings all, just saw something the other day and thought it'd make a good post for here.
I was driving home through St. Louis on sunday and saw one of those 30-40 foot tall roadside billboards that had that infamous 'I questioned homosexuality.' crap plastered on it. Well, whoever had put it up put it rather close to the area of town that's the gay strip and apparently had pissed off several people. You see, I could barely make out what was on the billboard as it looked like it'd been the victim of target practice from Godzilla's paintball gun with multicolor splats nearly completely covering it until it was almost unreadable. Looks like the locals don't take too kindly to being insulted like that and aren't afraid to show their distaste.


Upsetting link :(

Posted by jollityfarm on 2006.02.27 at 23:39
Loving Christian charity.

I came across this journal by accident. I know this post is stupid, and anyone here could probably counter everything being said in this post off the top of their head, but nevertheless, it made me sad to think that there are people who hold these issues in their hearts, who will cling to this as their cause. I'd like to think this is a troll journal, but I'm not sure that it is.

Anyway, I'm Celia, and I'm glad I have this opportunity to vent my spleen - and to use this icon :)

Nail Bunny.
Posted by pie_crust101 on 2006.02.21 at 14:14
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Just introducing myself

Posted by magandana on 2006.01.12 at 21:09
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Hi, I'm Jea and I'm fairly new to both this community and LJ. As of now, I'm still confused about whether to consider myself straight or bisexual. I have a few bisexual friends and one gay friend and they aren't treated very well at school, which makes my blood boil because they are the most awesome people I have ever known :( But yeah, um, I guess I should stop before I go off topic...^_^;;

I'm a tornado of anger
Posted by culdesac_fuck on 2006.01.08 at 00:43
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Hello. My name is Moody and I just joined this community. My family is EXTREMELY homophobic but they don't know that I'm not straight. I think it's really wrong and unfair that people get abused (verbally and physically) just because they're different. Love is love. Okay, cool.



I ♥ my country!!!

Posted by foolish_somnium on 2005.12.17 at 14:07
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Yesterday,the governance of Czech Republic authorized Registered Partnership!!!!!!!!
80% was for it, 20% against(but their arguments were really stupid).
That's so amazing!!I'm really glad,that our republic isn't that much closeminded after all!:)

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